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Across The Universe (Julie Taymor, 2008)

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  • Across The Universe (Julie Taymor, 2008)

    Set in the 1960's, at the top of The Beatles fame, the film is about a coming of age couple, Jude and Lucy finding themselves in the chaotic city of New York. Jude has come from Liverpool to America in search of his father and a new life. Lucy falls in love with Jude and delves deeply into the anti-war movement. The main plot involves Lucy’s brother Max being drafted to Vietnam and trying to find a way out of his duty. Every character named in the movie is based off of a person in a Beatles song, as well as all the music in the movie being covered Beatles songs. The plot becomes somewhat insignificant, though mainly about the revolutions of music, civil rights, sex, anti-war, hippies and living in a country that was fighting a terrible war in Vietnam. This movie has a little bit of most popular film genres, providing the audience with something for everyone. Musical, romance, action, avant-garde, comedy, drama, make this film captivating. The colors and aesthetic beauty mixed with phenomenal rookie acting and Beatles mania make the movie insanely brilliant. The basic explanation to the movie is that if a person was to jumble up every Beatles song and it’s deeper meaning this movie would be the product.

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    This movie is incredibly overrated.


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      I think that this movie is very nice to listen to and definitely has a good soundtrack. I wonder what one would say about it's philosophy. I hadn't really thought of it.


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        The philosophy part is everything involving the actions people took to fight the atmosphere of the Vietnam War. It's a traditional coming of age story buried beneath brilliant music and incredible visual effects.


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          First the songs, then the film

          Personally I felt this film to be more of a balled to The Beatles rather than a credible philosophical film. Sure it had great music but it really didnt have much else to say other than that. There of course were trippy moments but I think that just goes with the atmosphere of the music, nothing really creative. It felt more of like "well everyone loves The Beatles, so lets make a movie on them... wait two of them are dead? well that wont work! Or will it..."


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            I'm afraid I have to go along with the others -- this movie doesn't "say" anything important other than The Beatles wrote some vivid songs that, with the help of a lot of money and CGI, can be made into visual images. No surprises there, although I found the rendition of "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" to be particularly frustrating, because it starts out as a fine expression of the lyrics, and then devolves into idiocy. Julie Taymor knows her colors and she's a great painter of pictures, but like "Titus" this movie takes an interesting basis and makes it superficial eye-candy. She's the Ken Russell of the 21st Century, to be sure.